Thursday, 9 April 2015



Hey my lovelies, The warmer weather is slowly coming now yay,
Been loving this sunshine hoping it lasts.
Anyway Today I have a product by aroma works which is amazing
for your skin especially if your skin is dry like mine.

Serenity Body oil 100mls
(Aroma works sent me this in return of a honest review)

A Bit About the company

Aroma works is a company best known for their aromatherapy products
Skincare range with creams and oils and home range with the candles.
Aroma works was founded by Jane Hibbert, whose love for essential oils 
and purity stems back to her teenage years, when her pocket money was saved
to buy and experiment with the best essential oils.

First impressions

I was impressed with the box but a bit shocked when i opened it wasnt expecting loads of samples as well as a full size product, I decided to only review the full size one purely because i can use it more and get a better idea on what its like to use on my skin.
I will list a few of the samples I received tho so you can get an idea on their other products.

About The Product.

Serenity body oil 100ml key ingredients are lemongrass,neroli,geranium,coconut oil and evening primrose oil which are really good for your skin keeping your skin soft and feeling young.
Not only is the oil really great for your skin the aromas are amazing to help you unwind and destress, as mentioned it reminds me of being in a spa unwinding and relaxing like you see on the movies, you know the one the spa that makes you want to be there face mask on feet up and forget all your troubles whilst you're sipping a nice glass of champagne.

What I Think Of Serenity Body Oil?

I really love the product for a luxurious oil that costs £32.50 to buy.

When using the oil you can feel how pure the oils are and they do feel a lot better compared to other oils on the market the scent is also amazing reminds me of being in a posh spa.
you can use this oil in your own home when doing your daily skincare routine and feel amazing when doing in with the amazing aromas and how delicate the oils are you can get the best.
even though £32.50 maybe a bit steep for some people on a budget it is a money saver when you think how much you would spend in a posh spa for someone to put these oils on your face.

What I liked about the product

I really loved how lovely the oil made my skin after using it.
from the first use I started to feel a big difference in my skin.
The oil doesn't feel cloggy like other oils do and the balance was spot on for me.
The smell of the oil made me feel great and helped me to unwind and relax.

I also love the packaging of the product the little box the oil comes in is a very nice touch.
the ingredients and directions to use the oil was very clearly listed on the box.

What I didn't like about the product.
There is not much i didn't like as it was truly a luxurious product throughout.
Although i do feel other people might think the price is abit steep.
But since trying this myself i can say it is worth every penny for the quality you are receiving.

Where I think aroma works could improve!
Nothing to do with the product, but the aroma works website itself I feel wasn't as great to look through as other sites so for customers trying to buy might find their website an issue to use.
the aroma website on the computer kept taking me to the mobile one.
But when i scrolled to bottom to find desktop site it was a lot better.

I think aroma works needs a sleek website for mobile and desktop.
Because their products are very luxurious I feel a website to match their products is needed.

Overall review

Overall I am suitably impressed with the super fine quality of the oil I tried,
Not only did it leave my skin feeling soft and moisturised it made my skin smell great too.
The aromas really was uplifting made me feel relaxed and calm.
I am not to keen on their current website the mobile site on desktop is not very appealing although the desktop one is a lot better i feel it doesn't really do their amazing products justice.
website aside I cannot fault aroma works I am tempted to buy their candles and other home fragrences as well as I do love a good candle and aromatherapy which is great for your mind the scents are amazing.

A few other products aroma works sell are the following

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Signature Range
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facial oils
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You can follow aroma works

Thank you for reading
Lots of love and kisses


Have you tried aroma works products?