Friday, 24 April 2015

SimpliFine Nonstick baking mats

Hey guys and girls hope your all ok sorry havent been here much trying to plan that birthday party for my daughter its very hard as i am juggling 101 other things as well the joys of multitasking aye.
Anyway I am here and I have perfect nonstick baking mats that are not only nonstick baking mats they can be used for different things keep reading to find out more.

First impressions

when it arrived I was very impressed by the minimal packaging perfect size for what it is.
Once I took the product out of the jiffy back inside was a box, and inside that box was 3 nonstick baking mats perfectly rolled up inside the box.

After I unrolled them I began to sniff, touch, and place them on my oven trays to see how well they fit, the small and medium fit perfectly but the large was abit too big for my small oven but i found a couple of fantastic uses for the larger one which will make your life easier.

Find Out More Below.

Small and Medium Non Stick Baking Mat.
perfect for cooking/baking  ie chips or even biscuits whatever you choose to cook these matts are very handy easy to clean and mean you don't need nasty cooking oil etc to cook your oven chips with or butter or grease to grease baking trays with to bake biscuits with.

Large Non Stick Baking Mat.
The large one did not fit properly in my oven this wasn't a problem though for those that know me I do like finding other uses for some things so I have two useful other uses for it which work for me very well.

Splash back ?
picture coming soon
With someone who cleans the kitchen a lot ocd problems  I get very angry with grease stains on my tiles, Not only do they look horrid they are a pain to clean not to mention making the sponges all gooey and disgusting when cleaning.

Anyway the mats stick to my tiles brilliantly because the large one was to big for my oven i tried to stick it on my tiles and it stuck no problems and acted well as a splash back making it easier to clean afterwards to.

Chopping board support ?
picture coming soon

Well recently I sliced my finger on a knife whilst preparing a nice homemade chili chunky soup.
the chopping board slipped meaning i ended up cutting my finger which was scary, anyway when my mats arrived and noticed the large one was too big for my oven to also test it under a chopping board and to my surprise it worked effortlessly the chopping board stayed where it was put meaning no more nasty knife accidents for me.

Overall Verdict!

Well what can i say non stick mats that make baking less stressful.
Not only are they baking mats they also make great chopping board supports to stop the bored moving when you are chopping, as well as making great splash backs.
I am very very impressed best baking buy of the year so far.

Where to buy?

I brought mine from amazon I am not sure where else stock these ones.
But all good kitchen goods retailers sell simular sort of mats.
If you are wanting to buy these non stick baking mats they can be found here on amazon.

Additional information

QUARREL FREE GUARANTEE - Though we know it's highly unlikely that you WON'T be satisfied with these life-saving versitile baking sheets, we have no problem giving you a 100% refund of your purchase price if you aren't satisfied. No questions, no hassle. It's our "Quarrel Free Guarantee".

Thank you for reading

little experiment I did daughter loved them
hidden fruit muesli inside them too.