Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Contouring Makeup Brush

My very first contouring makeup brush
hey girls and guys, I have my first contour makeup brush a few years too late but yay i have one.
I want to show you because  lets just face it some of us if not all have things on our face that we aint 100% happy with and obvs surgery is not cheap and is not the best way to deal with it sometimes.

Many celebs such as kim kardashian contour  their face when doing their makeup many people do it unless you know what that person looks like without makeup no one will really know you contoured your face and just think your wearing makeup.

contouring is pretty the in thing in the makeup industry everyone wants to look like kim kardashian or another celeb but in reality I think the media should be posting before and after pictures of celebs as its affecting the way we see ourselves in the mirror each day.

Anyway it is good to talk about what we are not happy with with our bodys its good to talk be open rather than lie and act like we are all perfect because nobody is perfect not even models or celebs we are all human and should learn to love ourselves a bit more and help each other to love our bodies etc.

So What I Am Not Happy With?

I am not 100% happy with my nose so obvs a nose job would not be ideal 1 because of the costs involved and 2 because surgery can make things worse complications, or ending up with a nose much worse.

Anyway as some of you beauty addicts know there is contouring where you use makeup to highlight areas of face to attract the eye to them and darken areas to hide them using shadows. contouring is like photoshop in a way but easy to do although i'm still new to contouring as I am still learning i have included some pictures of the brush I used and pictures of my makeup.

Introducing My Contour Brush

The contouring brush I used which can be brought from amazon its where I brought mine.
I really love the brush it feels so soft and gentle and looks pretty hot for a makeup brush.
Yep thats right I called a makeup brush hot I am weird like that.

Heres a Few Pictures of the brush so you can see it in its glamorous glory.


Makeup You Say?

Even though back in school I gained an NVQ in makeup and nails my brain has been rusty for while now they call it baby brain when you have kids anyway in other words I am not as good as doing makeup as I would like to be but anyway practice makes perfect right?

I love changing my look since the blue hair I found my makeup don't take as long 
the blue Hair seems to be very complementing for some reason.

Anyway below is a few photos I took of my makeup bare in mind I am still need to doing contouring and using this wonderful contouring brush and need to get myself a decent contouring makeup kit as I used just foundation and bronzer etc to contour my face which does kinda work but not as good as a proper contour kit.


Excuse the brows growing them
so when I next get them done can get better shape
(Bare In Mind I Am Still New To Contouring)
I am still new to contouring and need to get myself a good contouring set
As for this I used foundation and bronzer and blusher.
Hopefully with more practice and with the right makeup I can get better at doing contour.

Overall Review

Overall I really love the contour brush I just need to get a decent contour makeup kit to go with so I can get better results anyway the brush is lovely and soft and pretty decent it comes in a plastic thing inside the box which is very hygienic also inside my box was a leaflet with a link to a website which gives tips on how to contour etc which will be helpful to a few people who are new to contouring.

Anyway I wont keep you any longer just a quick post to show you my new contour brush.
Know loads of you beauty addicts love a good makeup brush its my first contouring brush so would be good to try others to see if they are just has good or not.

Thanks for reading
Love hugs and kisses

Do you contour your face?
What contour kits are your faves?
what contour brush do you use?