Thursday, 2 April 2015

Its Not Coffee

Crio bru Cocoa beans review
Hey guys and girls, hope you are all well and enjoying the easter holidays.
Have you been up to anything nice? anyone not eating chocolate for medical or diet purposes?
If you can't eat chocolate why not treat yourself to something else, spa day maybe.

Anyway Todays review is something, tasty, luxurious and it's not coffee.
You may be thinking am I mad, am I sick?
Well I am mad and crazy but I am not sick.
So those of you who follow me on instagram, and my facebook page may know,
I have two bags of cocoa beans which I have been enjoying with the hubby.

First Thoughts
My first impression of the product was neutral purely because.
I knew I love hot chocolate etc but have not tried 100% cocoa beans before,
so kept an open mind to how I thought and expected them to taste.
The packaging on both bags of cocoa beans look simple but effective design.


Hubby holding the cavalla

What the website says
Product Description
Flavor Notes Of Coconut And Cinnamon Found Naturally In Premium Cocoa Beans From Ivory Coast

Winding along its western front, the Cavalla River gives shape to the exotic Ivory Coast. The surrounding agricultural area is dotted with small, family-owned farms that produce the very best African cacao. The dark, earthy-toned beans are carefully hand picked and dried naturally by the sun to enhance the full-bodied chocolate flavor, which hints of dark spice, coconut and cinnamon. These incredible natural flavors come to life when you brew a cup of Cavalla, made from 100% pure, perfectly roasted cocoa beans.

What I think of cavilla

First of all I opened the bag and smelt it smelt really lovely like chocolate which smelt very tempting and shouting out at me like try me I am good sort of smell.
Anyway me and hubby put some in our fresh coffee press added water and waited for it to brew.

After about 10 mins we poured it into our coffee mugs and the smell was divine.
Then we both decided to take a sip for us both we felt it tasted a bit bitter which according to my cocoa bean drinking friends this is normal for cocoa to taste because its rich and a product that's luxurious and more of a treat then a drink you drink all day everyday.

Little secret
Tip for making it taste less bitter and more enjoyable
Add a splash of milk and some sugar

Where to buy Cavalla
You can buy cavalla here on Crio Bru website

Coca river

What the website says about coca river
Product Description

Flavor Notes Of Green Bananas And Blackberries Found Naturally In Premium Cocoa Beans From Ecuador Rising on the flanks of equatorial volcanoes, the Coca River winds through an emerald paradise in southern Ecuador until it feeds into the mighty Amazon. A village close to the Coca River, in a valley called Vilcabamba, is famous for the longevity of its people, many living more than a century. Nurtured in the black soil of this valley and the rich humidity of the cloud-covered rainforest, the Ecuadorian cacao bean produces the chocolatiest Crio BrĂ¼. This smooth, sweet and nourishing drink is accented by a perfumed floral scent and lovely floral tones, including a dominant green banana note, blueberries and jasmine.

What I think of coca river

To be honest it tasted pretty similar to cavilla, rich and bitter, and smelt like fresh chocolate.
so my views on this are the same its more of a luxury than a daily drink so ie one a day or special occasions if you are not keen on bitter taste although you can add milk if required and sugar to balance out the flavour and take the bitterness away. 

Little secret

Tip for making it taste less bitter and more enjoyable
Add a splash of milk and some sugar

Additional Information

Made from 100% pure, perfectly roasted cocoa beans with no additives
Less caffeine than decaffeinated coffee
Gluten, Dairy & Soya Free
Only 10 calories per serving and 0 sugars
4,516 IU antioxidants per serving

Overall Review

I really love the idea of 100% cocoa beans although I am not very keen on the bitter taste.
Although this is suppose to be normal with pure cocoa beans it wasn't for me.
Although I have found a way I like to enjoy mine I add 2 sugars and a splash of milk which works well for me and my hubby as we found this helped with the taste probably because we are used to drinking coffee with sugar and milk in also.

But I must add The best thing about Crio Bru cocoa beans are the fact that they are not only 100% pure they contain less caffeine than decaffeinated coffee which is great for those of you who can't sleep due to too much coffee like myself.

Gluten dairy and soya free meaning great for those of you with allergies to these things.
Also great for those of you who are trying to cut down on calories has there is only 10 calories per serving and 0 sugars.

So overall I am pleased with crio bru and will continue to drink it but will add milk and sugar to mine as mentioned I am not really one for a bitter taste but each to their own.
I am also going to look for some recipes to bake with the cocoa beans which will be great.
I love a spot of baking and so does my hubby he makes the best chocolate cake.
Talking of baking and recipes heres some right here on the crio bru website.

How to contact Crio Bru?

Thank you for reading

Have you tried crio bru cocoa beans?
Which ones are your favorites?
Do you bake using cocoa beans?

You can find out more about crio bru here on the crio bru website