Friday, 27 March 2015

My New Earrings

My New Earrings

Hey guys and girls I have finally got myself some new earrings, 
despite having my ears pierced twice on both ears 
 I have not worn earrings for quite some time.

Anyway I have a new pair of earrings and I feel like a young girl again.
The earrings are so pretty and elegant  and for a price that's affordable as well.
below I will write abit more about the earrings and show some more photos hope you like reading,
I will also post links to the earrings because they are a really affordable price.

My First Thoughts On The Earrings

I opened up the packaging envelope thing and came across the simple black jewelry box,
which contained a little clear plastic bag containing the very elegant earrings.
I picked up the earrings in my hands to have a feel to see what they felt like,
which to my surprise the earrings was very well made and not cheap nor flimsy.

Additional information

The size of the earrings is a elegant size of 6mm.
The earrings are 925 sterling silver which is a nice metal.
The beautiful earrings come in a sweet little black gift box.

Where Did I Buy The Earrings?

I bought the earrings from amazon.
For under £10 which is a pretty sweet bargain.
O I do love a bargain

Overall Verdict

I really really adore my new earrings they look 100 times better in person
when the light shines on them they look like really expensive earrings
Even MY hubby thought they was worth alot more.

The size of the earrings for me is pretty ideal size,
if you want to your earrings to show and sparkle as you go about your day.

These earrings can be paired up with jeans and heels or even a pretty prom dress 
they are earrings that can look great for most if not all occasions and styles.

For someone who complains alot around the shops or in restaurants
im pretty surprised at myself for not having a slightest thing to moan about.

They are truly special and I love them,
I love how elegant they make me look and feel.

Im not sure what else to say other then what I have already said 
as I am running out of words now I am truly happy with my earrings.

Anyway better go as I have a busy day ahead of me.
Its friday at last so need to do my housework now
then test out some fresh cocoa beans 
which I have been wanting to try since they arrived at my door 

Anyway speak to you all soon.
Thank you for reading about my new earrings.

Love hugs and kisses

Do you have a fave pair of earrings?
Would you wear these earrings?
Feel free to comment below.

This is the exact pair I have.
If you wish to buy some of your own.
Let me know what you think of them,
if you do buy some for your beautiful self.
I would love to know what you think.