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Ginseng Clayspray Review

Clayspray review

Hey guys and girls, whilst at pro beauty event the other month I came across clayspray.
Even though I had already heard of them before, but wasnt to sure what it was about.
Well anyway I have managed to get my hands on some ginseng clay mask from klm beauty.
As some of you who follow me on instagram will already know how scary I look wearing the clay, so if you haven't already seen the photos they come with a warning.
I look like a clay monster so if your scared of monsters please close your eyes.

The clay spray I am reviewing today is ….


Mature/fatigues skin.
Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and tightens the skin.
Contains energizing ginseng and minerals to give a revitalizing and brightening effect.
Its purifying action fights pollutants and daily stress to allow your skin to breathe.
Ideal to use as a flash lift prior to make up.
Clinically tested 

First impressions!

The packaging looks appealing it is a very simple but effective design.
Once I opened the packaging I looked inside to see two sprays. 
The thing that stood out to me was there was instructions on the sprays.
But to me they wasn't clear enough ie don't mention how to take of the clay.

Even though its obvious you wash the clay of with water. 
It doesn't state that or the type of water ie warm or cold.
 Also clay spray don't mention how long to leave it on for.

So thats my little pointer is maybe to have a little instruction card inside.
Even a waterproof  instruction sticker to stick on bathroom tiles 
so you can always have your instructions to hand when using your clay spray product. 

Putting all that aside lets get onto the more important part of how the product was.

What Happened When I Used Clayspray?

Once I applied the mist to my fresh bare face it felt cool refreshing and clean.
It kind of woke me up as well which was needed which is another good thing.
Dont you just love lovely light cool and refreshing mists

Anyway I then went onto applying the clay
 I squirted some onto my hand then used my other hand to apply.

The clay felt abit weird at first but was kinda good to feel it for the first time.
when I applied it to my face it was very relaxing like therapeutic.
Its kinds like having your own spa in your own home.
Anyway once it was all applied it started to dry  quick too which is great.

Anyway I did take some photos whilst it was drying to help the time pass and because I thought how cool it would be to do some weird wacky face pulling after all its not every day I get to apply luxurious clay to my face. 

When it was drying it did feel a bit stiff but thats how its meant to feel.
I loved the fact it feels like this makes me feel like i have nice tight skin.
kinda like botox without the price tag i guess never had botox though but would imagine it would feel similar in the sense you can't move face around to much when its on.

Because the product wasn't clear on how long to leave it on for even though it dried quickly,
I left it on for over an hour just to be sure and because I loved the feel of it on my face.
Anyway after sitting for an hour with it on my face whilst taking selfies and annoying hubby in his office by freaking him out with my weird face pulling I decided to go wash it off.

I went to the bathroom and got a sponge and doused it in lukewarm-hot water and gently wiped away the clay from my face.

After the clay was away from my face I patted my face dry with a towel.
I must say straight away I felt refreshed and amazing, and the skin on my face felt tighter too.
I hope i am not going crazy but thats what it feels to me my skin also feels really soft as well.

check before and after pics

before and after
no make up 

Overall Verdict 
Score 9/10 

The only thing I was disappointed with is that clay sprays instructions was not clear enough. 
The instructions on how to use the product ie how long to leave it on, and how to wash off ie with warm water or cold or with a toner etc was missing from the box.

However there is instructions on the website which advise I have included the instructions on how to use and apply clay spray which I took from clay sprays website.

Other than what i have mentioned i can not fault the product it feels great on the skin.
does not irritate my skin and I have sensitive dry skin normally but after using this my skin feels so smooth and great I feel like an onion thats been peeled with new skin showing.

Not only does my skin feel great I feel great too putting on the mask is very therapeutic and even sitting with it on feels pretty cool and defo great for weird and wacky selfies.

The price for me is mid range I would say which could be seen as expensive if you are a first time buyer abit skeptical of a product.

But once you try the product I would say if you like it as much as I do it be well worth paying because to be honest your pay even more than this if you was to go to a spa.

Anyway I think thats everything hope you enjoyed reading.
I have listed some important stuff below.


How To Apply Clayspray

 Cleanse the skin with a suitable cleanser.
Gently dry and follow with a fine spray of Clayspray H2O.
Shake the Clayspray mineral treatment masque before use.
 Remove lid then unplug cap from nozzle 
Press firmly on the dispensing pump
 Apply Clayspray Mineral Treatment Masque to the fingertips.
Apply the clay to the area to be treated. 
If massaging with Clayspray, previously wet your hands with warm water.
Leave Clayspray Mineral Treatment Masque to work as indicated in the professional protocols.

How To Remove The Clay

Spray Clayspray H2O over the masque to re-emulsify Clayspray.
 Tap with a wet sponge or flannel.
 Rinse the sponge or flannel with tepid water  
Remove the product thoroughly but gently.
 Tap dry the skin with a soft towel.
 Tone with Clay spray H2O and continue with usual skin care routine.

It is easier than it sounds those instructions was on the clayspray website.
But it is indeed alot easier then it looks it is alot easier then doing makeup

Additional info:

White clay with ginseng to exfoliate dead skin cells,
 freshen and renews the skin to reveal a fresh new skin surface.
 ginseng will help brighten and rejuvenate tired skin
 leaving an immediate replenished and healthy look.

All of clayspray's products 

Clinically tested.


With natural ingredients.

Preservative-free, paraben-free, PEG-free and phenoxyethanol-free.

Free of artificial colours and perfumes.

Animal friendly.

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Thanks for reading

Have you tried clayspray?
Which one did you try?
What did you think of the clay spray you tried?