Sunday, 8 March 2015

Shiny Hoodie From Kryptik Rose

Kryptik Rose Holographic Hoodie

Hey girls and guys hope you are all well today wanted to tell you about kryptik rose.
Sorry I haven't been blogging much this month just was the year anniversary of my grandad passing. Also coming up to one year since my little nephew passed so apologies for not been here as much.

But anyway thought id pop on to share with you this amazing website I came across.
Those of you who follow me on instagram may have already seen the video I uploaded of the hoodie.
but here's a little write up for you to have a look at.

Here's the video below.

Anyway I thought id share with you the hoodie as I am pretty amazed how lush it looks.
I love when the sunlight hits the white hologram and it looks like a shiny rainbow.
when I first looked at in where there was no light looked nice.
but in the sun it was just so sparkly and amazing just like a new shiny CD.

Below is some pictures of the hoodie which I got from kryptic rose.

The hoodie costs only £24.99 to buy one which is pretty decent price for a hoodie so beautiful.
You can buy this hoodie Here from the kryptik rose website.

The only thing for my is the hoodie is meant to be a small,
but comes up slightly big on me which could be a downside if you don't like baggy clothes.
But it all depends on how you like your hoodies to be ie tight fitted or loose.
But it did feel great and comfy to wear and looks amazing on as well.

Kryptic rose the company shipped the hoodie out quickly which I am very pleased with.
They have a nice selection of clothes on the website as well which is nice to see.
But I am really excited to see what else they will be stocking as they are still a pretty new company.

Overall Verdict On Kryptik Rose.
no makeup selfie !!

Overall I am pretty impressed with my hoodie, was a little disappointed when it came up big on me but as soon as I had the hoodie on and saw it shine it definitely made me feel much better.
the hoody felt great on and also looked good too love the fat its one of those nice looking hoodies where you can dress it up with skinny jeans and heels, or even dress it down with jeans and trainers.

shiny hologram

How would you wear yours?

I love the fact the company was quick at shipping the hoodie out to me.
Overall the company put 100% into their customer service and was very polite.
it is very nice to see that a new company really does work hard to deliver 100%
I do believe customer service can make or break a company, 
their customer service is spot and on they aim to please.

For more information 
please check out the kryptik Rose Website.

Kryptik Rose are also on social media

Thank you for reading