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Flo Accessories

Flo The Store Of My Dreams

Hey my lovelies hope you are well? I am back to show you a store which I found online.
Because I have some items from the store which I am going to show you aswell.
I came across Flo on twitter when retweeting stuff looking for new brands to follow.
I came across flo so headed over to their website and started to go weak at the knees.
Anyway heres a bit about the company and the items I have from their online store.
Before we start any men about to click of the page before you go please have a read.
Flo have products for you too so put your feet up and find out more.

"A stylish accessories store for men and woman.
From perfume Jewelry to mirrors to combs to tweezers
Beauty kits and more flo is a store that gives you quality
stylish accessories at affordable prices"

About Flo Accessories

The untapped niche market of stylishly designed beauty accessories
 for travel and on the go was the next step for FLO Accessories 
following the success of the FLO Universal Atomizer. 

The product line now includes other fragrance accessories, 
as well as sleek LED purse mirrors, makeup bags and organizers,
 nail care for travel, and the new, completely original FLO Fragrance Jewelry & Accessories.

The sales potential of the FLO Accessories product line is endless. 
The products are perfect for self-purchase,
 A fabulous gift item or stocking filler, and easy to merchandise on the shelf or counter.
 They’re ideal for merchandising at the point of sale, as the price and look are well suited to impulse buys; we’re currently developing special display units for just this purpose.

FLO Accessories specializes in meeting its valued retailers’ needs, whether that be providing specialized display units or customizing the Atomizer itself. The FLO Universal Atomizer has been selling phenomenally well under well known brand such as Sephora, Douglas, Ulta and many more, 
Taken from their website

A Closer Look At The Products

Perfume Atomizer

“ I really love the style of the atomizer which you can fill with your favorite perfume
I love the fact its refillable and its so sleek it fits in your handbag or clutch bag.
you can always carry your fave perfume around with you whatever the occasion.
The Perfume Atomizer is affordable to costing only £11.95
This nifty atomizer is also approved meaning you can take it on planes with you.
meaning you can take your perfume on holiday with you aswell which is handy as they fit in your case with ease and are not bulky meaning more room for makeup, clothes, and the rest.
(please check guidelines of airline you're travelling with for updates on luggage restrictions)

Celebrity mirror

my daughter admiring my mirror

“ I really love this elegant mirror the led’s really make it extra special
“its like having a dressing room mirror in your handbag it is very stylish
You will feel like a vip with this celeb mirror which looks great it is
probably one of the best looking handbag size mirrors I have ever seen.
The celeb mirror is also affordable costing only £8.95

Perfume Jewellery

“ I really love this idea for a necklace because not only does it look great it smells great,
Well it only smells great if you spray it with a nice perfume which i really love the concept of
because on a night out or maybe a date you can wear your necklace and not only will it make you look elegant and sophisticated you will smell wonderful too.
The necklace costs just £24.95 which is not to bad for a stylish necklace.

Overall Verdict

score 10 /10

My overall verdict on this product is suitably impressed.
I really love the fact flo shipped my products out to me quick.
So far I am so happy with my products and love them they haven't let me down yet.

The perfume jewelry makes pretty much any outfit complete making you look elegant.
Not only will you look elegant you will smell beautifully like you in your fave scent.
The scent lasts _ hours which is good if you can't fit your perfume in your clutch bag.
Or have no time to get your atomizer out your bag if you're busy admiring your date,
dancing away with your friends, or watching a film at the cinema.

The Atomizer is another product you must have if you love smelling nice.
Because you can top up your scent on the go where ever you are going,
Its sleek design means no need for carrying around that heavy perfume bottle
we all know the struggle of trying to fit our perfume bottle in our clutch bags.
The atomizer looks very stylish and goes with pretty much any outfit.

The celeb mirror also is amazing for nights out.
The led lights light up the mirror giving it a very celeb dressing room feel.
This celeb mirror will make your makeup bag complete
not only will you feel stylish you will look stylish.
The celeb mirror is so sleek it fits in most places.
Meaning you can admire your beauty on the go.

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