Thursday, 12 March 2015

Bonsai Rose lamp

Rose Bonsai Tree Lamp Review

Hey guys and girls I have been at it again looking at the valuelights website.
I can not stay away from that site there are so many lovely lovely lights.
This time something really really caught my eye a bonsai rose light.
The reason it caught my eye is because my hubby loves bonsai trees.
Also me and hubby have watched how bonsai trees are made on tv show called how its made.

Anyway because its a light but still bonsai tree with roses its even more special.
Anyway wanted to share with you value lights have been kind enough to let me have this light to review because my emails have been going crazy from you all requesting me to review more lights from this brand, and so many of my friends was impressed by the lampshade thats looks like a pretty pink princess dress which I reviewed the other month.

Anyway heres what I think of my Led Rose Bonsai Light.

First impressions

Well i knew the light was coming and I was so excited, I told the hubby and he was like oh I love bonsai trees, he was pretty like shocked that there is a light in shape of a bonsai tree.
Anyway when it arrived shane passed me the parcel and we both opened it and his jaw dropped.
He slowly took it out the box and was like oh wow.

Anyway shane aka my hubby took the lamp to plug it in to check everything was working.
Yes I still have a weird thing about plugging new stuff in call me crazy if you like.
anyway once we had tested it worked hubby unplugged it and arranged the branches on the light to how we liked to have them which look pretty good, although I may have to rearrange them.

   Additional Information

The bonsai rose lamp is a beautiful size standing 450 mm tall.
The design is sturdy with the base been made of metal
The branches can be rearranged to suit your style.
The cable is a suitable length 3 meters long,

Great value at only £14.99 to buy from valuelights

Good value for money
Subtle Light Creates a relaxing glow
The branches are adjustable
Lights covered in beautiful white rose detail

No switch.

Overall verdict

First of all the thing I ain't too impressed about is there not been a switch on the light meaning to turn of you have to unplug the light rather than just flipping a switch on the wire.

Also With there not being a switch it means it can be a hassle if your nearest plug socket is behind your chest of drawers or in a hard to reach place especially for those of you who find it hard to bend due to health problems that is my only concern with the product I am afraid.

Other than that I am suitably pleased with the light itself as it looks great.
I really love the relaxing feel it adds to the rooms in my flat when all the other lights are off and the lamp is on it gives it a relaxing romantic feel which is very welcomed after a long day.

I really adore the rose petal designs on the lights a very pretty and elegant touch.
If i could use a few words to describe this lamp,

I would say the following


This lamp most certainly adds that special touch to pretty much any home.
To me I feel it adds a great loving warmth to my living room.
When all the lights are out and the lamp is on the whole room changes,
The room feels calm and cosy like the worlds stopped and I am free of stress.

They say home is where the heart is
So why not donate your old unloved lamp to a new home
Or you could donate your old lamp to a  charity store.

And update it with one you love?

I invited one of my best friends amy around to catch up on some hollyoaks and have a natter.
She Saw my lamp and feel in love with the rose bonsai and said that she wants one in her newly decorated modern room she said the lamp is the missing piece to her bedroom.

So what do you think of this lamp?
Is the rose bonsai your style of lamp?
What lamp from value lights would you choose?

Value lights sell many different style lamps, from floor to wall and much more.
So if you fancy adding some special touches to your home or buying a lamp for a loved one
why not take a look at their website and see what value lights have to offer.

Check out the value lights website here
You can Also find value lights on social media.

Thank You For Reading My review On The Bonsai Lamp.