Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Micro Cell Nail Repair

Microcell Nail Repair

Hey Boys and Girls, I am back again hope you did not miss me too much.
I am back today which a product that is nice and simple to use.
I cant stress enough how annoying it is when my nails break.

I can do anything from folding laundry to putting on daughters tights and my nails will break.
I do not really get manicures or anything with my busy life of been a mum housewife and blogger. Even when i get a bit of me time I don't get the whole manicure thing as i have tried false nails before and they broke in 5 mins of doing housework ie washing up mopping, cooking opening jars it seems if you are busy person who uses hands A lot then manicures really can be a pain.

Anyway I spoke to micro cell after attending the pro beauty event and they was willing to send me a small product to try to try help my nails be stronger and so I can fit 5 mins in to paint them at least so they look pretty without the need of needing a manicure at a salon which don't last.

What the Microcell website says about the product

Micro Cell Nail Repair

NAIL REPAIR has been specially developed for soft and brittle nails. The unique effect is based on the recovery of protein molecules in the stratum corneum. Damaged nails are strengthened and protected against tearing and splintering of the nail tips. Even after a short application time the nail grows noticeably stronger and more resistant, without losing its flexibility


Protect cuticles with grease or oil and apply one layer of NAIL REPAIR on two consecutive days. On the third treatment day remove all varnish layers with NAIL REMOVER REPAIR and repeat the treatment as on the first and second day.

My Experience

After opening the lid and looking at the polish as it glided on my nails with ease I thought to myself this is just like a clear nail polish but the only difference is this glided on better and felt nice on the nails.

So I used it on consecutive days noticed a big difference in my nails they felt a lot stronger than they were before as normally my nails would snap at the smallest thing as mentioned above.
Anyway once I was happy that I liked the product and it was easy to use I used it as a base coat.
Anyway using it as a base coat I had a little play around with my nail polishes as I own a few but hardly wear them that often due to been busy with things and been indecisive as always.
which explains the photos below of the dif style nails I have been doing using the microcell nail repair as a nice base coat which I must say is the best base coat I have used so far.

PhotosNail designs by me

Overall Verdict


I really like the microcell especially as the base coat for nails, you could even wear the microcell nail repair on its own if you wish, or if you like a little colour why not go for mysterious black, or passion red? or if you're a little funky like me why not multicoloured or splatter effect?
The options of colours patterns and designs are endless, express yourself and live a little.

Microcell is easy to use not only for me but for hubby he is pretty good at many things painting nails, makeup,photography building websites,sewing,baking, cooking and more he's pretty handy when it comes to needing a hand with things especially doing my hair.

He likes this product too and thinks its nice as he now doesn't have to hear me moaning about broken nails which is pretty much every week when I break a nail normally.

The price of the microcell repair  is abit expensive but i guess its worth while seeing as it lasts a while and prevents you from breaking your nails just think if you use this product you can grow your nails long and strong/
so won't need to pay out extra money on manicures to get acrylics done.

Where to buy microcell?

Microcell sell it on Amazon for £17.83 with free postage.
Ebay which is slightly more expensive at £10.16 with £8.19 postage
Klm beauty which is £18.50 and postage on top which varies
Microcell website for £18.50 free shipping.

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