Saturday, 4 April 2015

Blue Hair

Hey girls and guys a personal post here for a change, 
which is great as its been a while since i have had a break from talking about products .
Has some of you know who follow me on instagram I have a new hair colour.

For ages now I have sworn never to go brown my natreal colour is brown although alot of people say brown suits me its not for me and I am a lover of being blonde as it makes me feel great about myself.

Anyway I have had a made crazy moment and jumped head first (excuse the pun)
I have dyed my hair blue it still needs a few more touch ups etc but its blue.
The roots are still abit weird as I need to bleach them and put blue on top.

Talking of blue At some stage will show you a blue hair chalk I got at the beauty event.
Will let hubby or chloe Test it on their hair as its washable they won't have permanente blue like me.

Thought I would show you all what I have been up to today!
I be back soon as currently testing some products for you.

mellor and russell hair dye

Hope you all have a wonderful easter.
Speak to you all very soon.

Lots of hugs kisses, and chocolate bunnies


Bring me more smurfs !!

Have you ever done anything crazy with your hair?
What's the craziest colour you have gone?
what do you think of blue hair?

love all your emails everyday its lovely to read through them all.
Feel free to email me or comment below